Since I'm not very active on this blog (really, I just chill here), i'm going to recommend looking me up on other sites as well.


If you find shopping for computers (including laptops, tatblets and smartphones) frustrating, this website of mine aims to help you in that process. The website is updated daily and if you follow me on social media, I also share content of interest for beginners, including my own.


It took me a while to adopt Twitter but that's where I'm the most active these days. If you're curious about what I'm into and random (usually geeky) fun stuff; come take a look and give me a follow.


I've started experimenting with Mastodon, the open-source decentralized social media. I'm overall impressed with the platform still have relatively little contacts on there. If you're unhappy with the way big companies are treating your personal information, I recommend giving it a look and giving me a follow there!

Gaming Communities

I don't manage to play nearly as much as I'd like these days, but I can be found on the following platforms: